Participate with us this year as we kick off our Fourth Annual Best Gift Campaign through the Church World Services.  For the holiday, think about how you can change the life of, not just one person, but an entire village.  Think about how women have changed our economy.  In smaller nations, they change the communities where they live.

The things we take for granted are a necessity for others to survive.  Click the link below, make your purchase and share with others.  You will see how the difference you make in a village will change the lives of many.  Your gift can help to empower the women of their communities.

Our campaign concludes on December 23, 2018.  How many lives are you willing to change?

Click to browse and purchase a gift.

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Florida Avenue Baptist Church is a vibrant, vital, joyful, and challenging congregation making a difference in the lives of people, the community and the world. 


As a mixed multitude of people called by God to become disciples of Jesus the Christ, Lord and Savior, it is the purpose of this church, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to be a community growing in faith where the Word of God is lived everyday.

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