Best Gift 2019

Ever wonder why we put so much pressure on ourselves to find the 'best gift'?  At the heart of it, we want others to know we care about them and love them.  We want to offer one sacred moment of hope, love, joy, and peace.


The Best Gift choices below are so important because it gives that moment (and a lifetime of those moments) to people all over he world - from a child-like Esteilin (pictured above) who just wants to attend preschool to the family living on the streets who could use some comfort and warmth.


Your gift represents more than the items on this page.  It represents our deep connection and commitment to one another.  It's the Best Gift because you become part of that connection.

A CWS Blanket $10
CWS School Kit $15
A Goat $65
Two Hens and a Rooster $18
Rehab a malnourished child $15
A Health Center Visit  $5
10 blocks for house walls $10
Literacy classes for a woman $19
Books for 10 Students $20
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