3rd Grade Activities To Do At Home


· Discuss Math Class at Home

Encourage your child to talk about the math concepts that they are learning at school. Don’t just ask, “How was math today?” Instead, ask their to tell you about something your child learned in math class today.

· Model Good Math Behavior

Speak positively about math and reward effort, rather than grades or ability. Think about how important reading is and how we are told to model this behavior for our children. We need to place math in the same category. Don’t discount the importance of math by saying, “I’m not a math person, I was never good at math.” Help your child read books that incorporate math, such as Millions of Cats, by Wanda Gag, or On Beyond a Million: An Amazing Math Journey, by David Schwartz.

· Talk Through Math Problems

If your child is struggling with math problems, have them read each problem out loud slowly and carefully so your child can hear the problem and think about what is being asked. This helps their break down the problem and come up with problem-solving strategies.