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Updated: Jan 17, 2018

On Thursday the 45th president of the United States made it plain to the world that he is a staunch white supremacist. His impromptu remarks in the bipartisan meeting on immigration were vile, vulgar and blatantly racist.  These remarks were first reported by The Washington Post and have been verified by other media outlets.  Of course, as he has done in the past, the President proceeded to lie. He denied he used vulgar words, and simply used tough language. The administration claimed that the president will always “fight for the American people. All of these are lies, simply lies.

Several political leaders have condemned the remarks, and other organizations are beginning to respond by calling for the president to renounce his remarks. That is insufficient.  The President has made it clear that he wants to be president of only part of America, white America.

On Thursday the President took his hood off; just as the white supremacists in Charlottesville took theirs off, and the members of the KKK marched hoodless on Pennsylvania Ave in 1925. He has sent a very clear message and it is now time for us to send a very clear message.  We cannot and will not have a blatant racist as president. It is time for the president to resign from office. No apology, or retraction is sufficient.  It will only be a lie.This administration is counting on the media and politicians to express outrage for a couple of days and then move on to the next act.

It is time for we the people – the true citizens of the United States of America, black, brown, red, yellow and white, to say no we have had enough! Enough divisiveness, deception, lies, name calling, meanness and enough damn tweets!

It is time for President Trump to resign!!

On Monday the birthday of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. we the people need to send a very clear message. We want leadership that is striving to unite us as an inclusive nation, a beloved community, with liberty and justice and for all. President Trump has shown he is not that kind of leader and it is time for him to resign.

Through social media, traditional media, group, and individual conversation the message must be sent. Step down Mr. Trump, we have had enough!

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Jen Pollard
Jen Pollard
Jan 17, 2018

I totally agree with you Pastor Doctor Trent. If you want your voice to be heard even more, please join Black Lawyers for Justice, and other outraged Black Americans for a press conference, on Thursday, January 18, 2018, 12 noon, at the Thurgood Marshall Center, 1812-12th Street, NW, WDC, to lend your support to the efforts to oust 45. Reverend Jeanette Marie Pollard, RN, M.Div., member of the national organizing committee for the National Black Mens Convention. Thank you.

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